Electrical Panel Repairs and Installation Services for Canoga Park Homes and Businesses

As the center of your house’s electrical system, the service panel is a powerful piece of equipment that must function correctly virtually all of the time. Problems with the fuse or breaker box often have very visible consequences, including temporary or complete loss of power t throughout the home.

Diagnosing and repairing damaged panels requires professional expertise and precise equipment, which is why you should call My Canoga Park Electrician Hero to get effective solutions fast. We know service panels and residential systems like the back of our hand, so you can trust us to correctly diagnose the current problem and find ways to fix it.

Electrical panels can suffer all kinds of damage, from faults stemming from improper installation to severe deterioration from recent flooding. Our technicians do their best to safely repair your panel, although there are many cases that require replacement rather than maintenance. Fortunately, we specialize in panel upgrade and installation, so you can sit back and let our technicians handle the rest!

Get Emergency Panel Repairs When You Need Them

Since electrical panels aren’t DIY-friendly, we know that our customers rely on our services when any kind of serious issue develops. We make ourselves available for emergency calls 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to wait for hours or days on end before help arrives. Our electrician will be at your home as quickly as possible to help get your lights back on.

As a licensed and certified Canoga Park electrician, we don’t take shortcuts or leave any sloppy work behind. We emphasize quality results on every single project, because doing it right the first time is the best way to avoid problems in the future. We stand behind all of our electrical installation and repair services.

Upgrade Your Older Homes with a Modern Electrical System

Even if you enjoy the majesty or rustic lifestyle of your older house, it’s a good idea to keep the electrical system up-to-date to avoid risks of fire hazard. Older service panels and wiring may not be able to keep up with the high demands of modern appliances, especially washers, dryers and central air conditioning. If you are planning to add large appliances to your home, give us a call to inspect your system to ensure that it is ready for the change.